Become A Member Of Battle Mountain Humane Society No Kill Rescue Shelter

Please Join Battle Mountain Humane Society No Kill Rescue Shelter Team. With your membership of only $10.00 a month you will help provide shelter, medical care, food, vaccination, spay and neuter. It will also help with utility bills, fencing, supplies and help us finish building our no kill  shelter. BMHS is still in need of a office, adoption room, bathroom, grooming room, vet room and a isolation building. We Stay Alive by your donations only.  Our operation cost can start as low as $5,000 to $20,000 a month. Any Amount you can contribute is all greatly appreciated.

Please Help Us get Medical Supplies

Hello and welcome to Battle Mountain Humane Society a No Kill Non Profit 501(c)3 Rescue Sanctuary. We are a Privately Owned Facility and run on 100% on Donations. With being a 501(c)3  we are 100% tax write off. We currently have  86 dogs as of 10-7-14 in our care needing homes. We have 8 acres of land and believe in let the dogs run free with their friends.

Please Help Us Save the Dogs From the Rez. These dogs are homeless or abused and in need a of our help to get them better. Please donate what you can to continue our mission. The Dog in this Picture is named Peaches, she was homeless on the Rez. Thank you everyone for your support

Please Click above to help support the rescue and medical care for the dogs on the Rez we are saving. Thank you
















Please Help Us Finish Our No Kill Shleter

 Our Mission

To provide comprehensive care in a loving and 
safe environment to animals in need in Fall River 
County, SD and the surrounding areas,

while reducing the number of animals in need 
of rescue and promoting kindness towards 
animals in the community.


                         Actions taken to achieve Our Mission

                          1. Provide food, water, shelter, and veterinary care based on each 

animal's individual needs.
2. Promote animal adoption for companion and therapeutic purposes.
     3. Carefully match animals with adopters capable of meeting their needs.
     4. Carefully match adopters with animals appropriate for their life styles.
        5. Provide a loving home for "forever guests" for the duration of their lives.
6. Spay or neuter all animals prior to adoption, unless they are not old 
    enough or healthy enough for the surgery.
    7. Promote spay and neuter in the community to reduce the population of 
    unwanted animals.
     8. Educate the public regarding the importance of preventative veterinary 
9. Educate the public regarding basic dog care and breed-specific needs.
                       10. Advocate against breed-specific legislation.

                11. Assist in developing alternate care plans for animals in temporary 
                                                                       need of foster care.


How you can Help the
Abused, Unwanted, Abounded Pets at
Battle Mountain Humane Society

in Hot Springs, South Dakota

Adopt a Shelter Animal-When you adopt a shelter pet you give them a second chance in life and a great loving home. Please visit you local shelter to find a great family member. Our shelter is a No Kill Shelter, but their are several shelters that will destroy animals just because they do not get adopted. A Rescue Breed is the Best Breed.

Funding- You donation of any amount helps us with the care and feeding for the pets at the shelter. With your donation it helps us pay for all the dogs shots, testing, medication, spay or neutering, feeding, toys, treats, Building material to finish the inside of our new building, fuel for taking the pet to the vet that is 60 miles away.

Vet Bills our the biggest Expense-  We have. We do what ever it takes to save the animals. This is Cheyenne and she was attacked by another dog because they were starving and fought over the food. If you can even donate $5.00 that helps us out so much, your $5.00 buys one dog it's Rabies Vaccine Shot. We appreciate ever dollar that is donated and put it all towards the pets. Thank you for all your support

Donate  Items- We accept all the following: We have a donation box in front of our shelter. Location is 27254 Wind Cave Rd. Hot Springs, SD 57747

Dog and Cat Food - We like to feed the dogs and Cats Purina Dog and Cat Chow.  The dogs and cats eat a total of 120 pounds a day. We are always in need of food.

Wet Food-  We are in need of wet food to help the dogs in need to improve their health, or for the the older dogs with bad teeth, and to help us hide the medication they need.

Purina Weight Scales-
We do cut the points off of all Purina Bags to send them in for credit for more food. If you use Purina Food Products, we could use our points to help feed the dogs and cats at the shelter.

  Animal Beds all Sizes, Cedar shavings, Straw, Rugs, and Blankets

Pee- Pee Pads-
All types and sizes. This helps us out a great deal for training.

Toys - The dogs and cats love to receive toys all year round. We like the animals to enjoy their time while they are with us. The toys bring out the childishness in them. It brings joys to their  heart.

Treats-  Milk Bones of all sizes, Bounce for Cats, Pepperoni Sticks, Bacon Stripes. We enjoy giving treats to animals everyday if we have enough to give them all.

Gift Cards For- Ace Hardware, Walmart, Pro Build, Gas Cards, Radio Shack. Gift Cards help us out so much with everyday needs. Our building is in need of Plumbing, Electrical, Heated Concrete, Lumber, Hardware, Walls, and Supplies. We had lost everything in the April Fire and we have had to start all over again. Any Amount of a Gift Card will help us get the items the dogs and cats need.

Leashes and Collars- We are in need of all Sizes of Collars and Leashes, we do have a large amount of Large dogs then small dogs.

Follow Us on Facebook- Please check us out on facebook for all the new updates, see hundreds of photos of our animals, volunteers, our new building we have now. We lost our first shelter and 12 dogs in the April Fire.  You can see everything we have been doing since the fire and how far we have came along since then. We have received so much help from all your facebook fans. Thank you for all your support.

Lynn's Dakota Market Recites- If you do not need you Lynn's Dakota Receipt, please do not throw them away. Please send them to us at BMHS 27254 Wind Cave Rd. Hot Springs, SD 57747, or you can drop it off in our donation mail box. When we get 10,000.00 in Lynn Dakota Mart Receipts we Receive $100.00. With we can buy 4 bags of the 50 pound bags of  food.