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From Ashes of Tragedy


On April 4, 2012, we had an electrical fire that burned our shelter to the ground. When the firefighters arrived, the shelter was totally engulfed in flames. While Tonia Wagoner, president of BMHS, hastily rescued many of the animals out of the fire consumed shelter, she had to helplessly watch her own home catch on fire and burn to ashes.

Through Tragedy comes Triumph


It was a gloomy, glum and overwhelming experience, but we still had to carry on. Animals needed feeding, bills needed paying, clean-up needed to be done. 

But then my frown was turned upside down, and we were suddenly surrounded by cheerful givers within the community. 

Beyond my wildest imagination, I witnessed a generous outpouring community spirit. People donating their time, money and other items. Local organizations, businesses and their clients were all fund-raising for us to help us get back on our feet. 

It has been several years since that epic day, and since then we have managed to re-build our shelter. Not only do the homeless animals now have a beautiful new sanctuary, our community still has cheerful giving hearts. We couldn't have done any of this without our supporters and sponsors. Thank you everyone who has assisted us in the past and present.