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Make a difference in the life of a rescued pet
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Rescuing abandoned, abused and homeless pets costs money

  1. The adoption fees assist with medical expenses.
    To rescue a dog, our;medical expenses costs:

    • $11.75 for a rabies shot
    • $25 for a distemper shot
    • $14.50 for a kennel cough shot
    • $60 - $110 to spay and neuter all shelter dogs.

    What the adoption fee doesn't include:

    • Any special veterinary care such as surgery or medicine
    • Does not cover any care expenses such as food, grooming, collars or leashes  
    • Doesn't cover any shelter expenses such as heat, maintenance and repairs 

 Sponsor Dog Food for only $25 a Month

We currently have about 100 dogs at our No Kill Shelter to feed. Most of our dogs are medium to large dogs that love to eat.  

Thank you for your support.

Be a Sponsor for Cat Food for only $20 a month

Thank you for your support.


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Sponsor a Cat or kitten

When sponsoring a cat or kitten, you get to name the kitty and your monthly donation will help pay for the medical care they need for only:
$50 for females
$35 for males


We need Sponsors

We are a 501(C)3 Non-Profit that runs on 100% donations and provides a great tax write off for you. Thank you for helping us feed the abused, homeless, and abandoned pets.


Celebrate any Occasion with a Gift Sponsorship
Pet Sponsors play a critical role at BMHS.  Several of the animals have special needs that require extensive care and rehabilitation. The Sponsorship Program allows supporters to contribute to the cost of food, shelter, and veterinary care for rescued pets from situations of abuse, neglect, and abandonment on a one-time or ongoing monthly basis. These contributions directly support our mission, and we could not continue this vital work without you!




Sponsorship Welcome Packet 

  • Access to our Sponsor forum – get plugged in online to others who share the same interests
  • Quarterly updates about  and newsletters
  • Color portrait of your beloved sponsored pet
  • Background story about how they were rescued
  • Updated information about their care
  • Information about their personality
  • Please click on the PayPal Donate button to sponsor an animal in our care. Thank you!



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 A Rescue Breed is the Best Breed!